[Transform Managers to Leaders]

Constructed as a hybrid group and individual experience, bring your leadership team through a purpose-centered program that will transform managers into leaders, while building an inspirational culture.

[Program 1]
The 4 Quarters of Leadership

Before you lead others, you must first lead yourself. Understanding who you are at your core will provide the clarity needed to drive intention and impact through all facets of your leadership game. In many ways, business mirrors sports. It takes tenacious practice, often on the most foundational skills, to truly be world class. Your personalized leadership journey will guide you through 4 quarters: self, team, results, and life.

Leading Self

Align your personal vision and purpose with your core values and who you are on your best day, while sourcing your strengths, gifts, and passions to an interconnected personal and professional leadership development plan.

Leading Team

Apply your personalized leadership development plan to your team and organization, where we take a horizontal and vertical view of your internal leadership impact, then extend externally to a network of key stakeholders.

Leading Results

Drive toward your most fulfilling and sought after professional and career goals, paving the path toward success, achievement, and growth for you and your team.

Leading in Life

Shift gears from a sole focus on success to both success and significance, where your holistic approach carries beyond the four walls of your office. This concludes the transformation from a life of self to a life of legacy.
[Program 2]
Purpose Centered Leadership

You’re now leading across all aspects of life. Some stop here—others want to level up even further. These follow-on coaching sessions will ensure that you cement your legacy as a purpose-driven leader.


This will include a customized action plan to ensure your ‘Why’ and values align with your actions, behaviors, and decisions—to then connect with your personal and professional vision, goals, and impact you seek to create. We cap this off by crafting a legacy and career plan you can begin to execute on immediately.


Purpose Labs will embed ourselves in your team and organization to take the entire journey of purpose activation together. Post purpose discovery, we will collaborate on organizational and market communication, purpose-centered action plans, decision mapping, people and business strategy, to innovation tanks on how purpose can maximize impact in and out of your organization.
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