Transformational Growth
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The 5 Pillars
Purpose Labs playbook started inside the walls of the San Francisco 49ers front office, where Paul served as a business leader and culture champion at a time when the 49ers immersed themselves in an organizational ‘Why’ discovery. Inspired by the transformations that took place, Paul incubated these experiences and Founded the 49ers Academy, a team built on the principles of people, purpose, and performance. He has since coached and installed the playbook with sports executives, Fortune 500 leadership teams, entrepreneurs, MBA’s, and professional athletes. We’re now ready to share the 5 Pillar Playing Offense system with you.

Individually, purpose is the fuel for your daily quest for meaning.

Collectively, purpose connects your team to something bigger than themselves.

Transform from paycheck-driven to purpose-driven.

Individually, grit and courage are needed to endure the storms of business and life.

Collectively, resilience will form as your team bounces back from the inevitable adversities ahead—both internal and external.

Transform from adversity to achievement.

Individually, this is your opportunity to let people know they belong and matter.

Collectively, this recognition is what elevates the potential of every member on your team, when their superpowers are unleashed.

Transform from disengaged to inspired.

Individually, earn your hall-of-fame worthy jacket and inspire others to do the same.

Collectively, culture is THE competitive advantage—inside your four walls and in the marketplace.

Transform from command and control to camaraderie and connection.

Individually, welcome to a life of legacy, and continue to pay it forward.

Collectively, an environment of abundance, contribution and impact will soon galvanize your team—the leaders of tomorrow.

Transform from success to success AND significance.

Individuals & Teams
[Application + Impact]
Playing Defense vs. Playing Offense

There are two types of people around us. Those who play defense—and those who play offense. How do you want to play?

Playing Defense

Playing defense is playing from your heels.

Playing defense is playing not to lose.

Playing defense is letting the market dictate the terms.

Playing Offense

Playing offense is playing on your toes.

Playing offense is playing to win.

Playing offense is operating on your terms.