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We often think of business as an outside game, with a goal to win in the marketplace. What many fail to realize is that it’s an inside game of people, leadership, culture, and purpose that will make the difference between winning and losing. Meet Purpose Labs at the 50, and spark the competitive advantage needed to achieve the performance and impact you’re after.  

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Built for leadership and departmental teams, both virtual and in-person, we’ve curated a series of “Playing Offense” workshops designed to transform your leadership, your team, and your culture.


Constructed as a hybrid group and individual experience, bring your leadership team through a purpose-centered program that will transform managers into leaders, while building an inspirational culture.


Consider Paul your Chief People Officer, to work in lock step with your existing leadership team to embed the daily practices, principles, and methodology of Playing Offense inside your organization.


What do you get when you mix a 15-year journey leading business teams in the NFL and NBA to then consult Fortune organizations on best practices in leadership and culture? A Purpose Labs keynote from our Founder, Paul Epstein.
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