What do you get when you mix a 15-year journey leading business teams in the NFL and NBA to then consult Fortune organizations on best practices in leadership and culture? A Purpose Labs keynote from our Founder, Paul Epstein.


The Power of Playing Offense

Paul Epstein speaks about the power of Playing Offense—how living and working with a focus on leadership, culture, and purpose can transform organizations and individuals anywhere to unleash their full potential. He shows how you and your team can become more inspired, impactful, and fulfilled to create a competitive advantage of culture where greatness can be the catalyst for growth.

Whether you’re pushing to achieve revenue targets or leading a large team of operating executives, Paul’s Playing Offense mindset drives victories in the most competitive of landscapes and serves as a beacon to breakthrough to new, previously unimaginable levels of success and performance. 

It’s time to stop playing defense—and start playing offense.

Leading in the NFL, NBA, and Life

Take a front row seat with Paul Epstein and experience a behind-the-scenes look at the thrilling victories, soul crushing losses, and priceless learnings and insights gathered over a 15-year career in the professional sports industry. He’s now ready to share the essential game-changing lessons from the trenches of leading business teams in the NFL and NBA, and how they can impact each and every one of our teams and cultures. Most importantly, they can transform us, as leaders—ready to make a difference and unleash our impact.

Meet Paul at the 50, and enjoy the ride.

Paul Epstein Speaking Bio

Paul is an expert in achieving world-class performance.  A culture champion with nearly 15 years as a professional sports executive for multiple NFL and NBA teams, a global sports agency, and the NFL league office, he’s developed a five-step, proprietary Playing Offense methodology to help professionals, leaders, and executives achieve at the highest levels.

Paul has attained record breaking success in multiple arenas:

  • Transformed numerous NBA teams from bottom five in league revenue to top two (of 30), including a franchise saving campaign while facing permanent relocation (New Orleans)
  • Led Super Bowl sales for the NFL, breaking every premium revenue metric in Super Bowl history
  • Opened Levi’s Stadium, leading sales and service teams responsible for over $1B, while creating a first of its kind 365 revenue and customer experience model
  • Hired, coached, and trained an all-star roster of sports executives, highlighted by Founding the 49ers Talent Academy

Through the impact and sheer power of Playing Offense, Paul was able to leverage the power of purpose to fuel incredible, professional success and peak performance. Today, Paul inspires audiences and provides a proven Playing Offense framework to achieve success in any industry.

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