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Before You Lead Others, You Must First Lead Yourself

There has never been a time our world needed courageous leadership more than now. Leadership that is bold, enduring, authentic, inspires trust, builds inclusive communities, and is founded on purpose. A world where before we lead others, we each lead ourselves. The Power of Playing...


Leaping Toward Passion and Purpose

I believe we all have a treadmill with our name on it. In my case, I was climbing the ranks of the professional sports industry—until I took a leap of faith (away from sports) based on passion and purpose—and realized I landed on the treadmill I was always supposed to be on. You...


Culture is The Competitive Advantage

As a consultant in the space of organizational culture, I often get asked to define culture. Frankly, one of the challenges we face when we address culture is that we overthink and overcomplicate it. Microelements such as values, beliefs, norms, perceptions, desires,...

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